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Koronavirus - Facebook, Netflix, Hotstar take big decision

Dangerous Covid-19

The video streaming platform Netflix and social media site Facebook said on Tuesday that it would reduce the pressure of video flow from its platform so that the coronavirus lockdown would be needed for more critical data flow on the network in times of crisis Remain in place. Significantly, the burden of users on the network has increased due to people staying at their homes during the lockdown period.

Amazon Prime Video also announced on Monday to reduce the bitrate of its video streaming to ease pressure on the telecommunications network infrastructure. The bitrate of a video determines its quality. Also, it shows how much data is being transferred. The higher bitrate of a video means the quality of the video is better.

Netflix vice president (content delivery) Ken Florence said in an email statement that in view of the crisis, we have developed a way to reduce Netflix's traffic on the telecom network by 25% while maintaining the quality of our services. Therefore, consumers will continue to get the quality that comes with their plan.

He said that this will give great relief to the congested network and this measure will be implemented in India for the next 30 days. A Facebook spokesperson said that to avoid any possible jam on the telecom network, we will temporarily reduce the bitrate of videos on Facebook and Instagram in India. Netflix and Facebook have taken similar steps in Europe.

Hotstar also decided
The Cellular Operators of India (COAI), an organization of telecom service providers, recently wrote a letter to the government requesting these companies to reduce the burden on the network. Meanwhile, a Hotstar spokesperson said that the bitrate of the video on its platform is going to run according to the state of the network. However, he is ready to reduce the bitrate of the video on his HD (High Definition) stream.

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