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Summer Season - Eat Homemade Sugar Free Ice Cream Without Any Fat

Students of St. Petersburg University ITMO made ice cream for weight loss and muscle growth: this is not sugar and fat, but there is a lot of protein. The innovation product is called Pro and Ice and is already sold in sports stores in the northern capital.

And we have prepared three simple recipes for you for cold sweets, which you can eat at home and eat and can face the coming heat without hurting the figure.

1. Chocolate Ice Cream With Protein


Milk (cow, almond, coconut) - 250 ml;
Protein - 1 sting (30 grams);
Cocoa powder - 2 teaspoons;
Sweeteners (likes - stevia, succrows, etc.) - to taste.
Put a glass of milk in the ice box and keep it in the freezer overnight.
Transfer frozen milk to a blender and whip it with protein, cocoa and 50 ml liquid milk. Mix sweetener for sweets
Put the resultant plastic mass in the bowl and serve immediately on the table, sprinkled with coconut, grated bitter chocolate or roasted chopped nuts.
Homemade ice cream, sugar free ice cream, summer season

2. Berry sorbet Ice Cream


Frozen berries (strawberries, raspberry, cherries, etc.) - 1 cup;
Banana - 0.5 pieces;
Lemon - 0.5 pieces;
Honey - 1 spoon
Berries get out of the freezer and leave for some time. Then throw in the blender and grind it. Mix banana there
Mix lemon juice and honey in the blender bowl. Whispered again
Put the mass in special molds for ice cream on the rod. If not, you can use plastic cups. Place in freezer for 2 hours.
Before serving, decorate sorbet with mint twigs.
berry sorbet, ice cream, homemade, sugar free

3. Tropical yoghurt ice cream


Natural curd - 210 grams;
Orange juice - ⅔ cup;
Banana - 2 pieces;
1 lime enthusiasm;
Lime juice - 1 tbsp. L;
Honey - 1 big spoon L
Mix in a blender until smooth curd, honey, orange juice, chopped banana, whole lime paste and 1 tablespoon lime juice.
Put the resulting mass in mold or ice cream bowl and keep it in freezer for 4 hours.
To make the prepared ice cream apart from the molds, put them in hot water for a few seconds.
ice cream, chocolate ice  cream, sugar free

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