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5 mistakes that we make when choosing underwear

Any woman should carefully approach the choice of underwear. A large range of panties and bras allows you to choose a model for any preference. It is worth remembering that the laundry should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable.


Prefer to wear clothes made of thin knitwear and love tight-fitting silhouette? Then be sure to get smooth seamless underwear. You are the owner of elegant forms and you have something to brag about? Show the figure, but not underwear. Leave rough seams, laces and rhinestones for your beloved man. To exit, have a few basic smooth kits.
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Demonstration of linen through transparent clothes looks vulgar. It is also unacceptable straps, looking out from under the blouse or dress. Modern models of lingerie are so diverse that they are able to hide the presence of a bra, even with an open back. When choosing pants or jeans, crouch in them to see if underwear is visible. 


Fortunately, the fashion for a black bodice under a white blouse is a thing of the past, and now such a game is considered color to tastelessness. Modern women of fashion carefully monitor that the linen was in a tone to clothes. As a win-win, beige or flesh color remains, which is invisible under any outfit.


It is better to spend a little more time on fitting than expressing indignation. Literally “shoved” chest in the cups will not add volume, but will look ridiculous and ridiculous. Conversely, with a larger inappropriate size, the breast will look “empty”, and the straps will subside every now and then, which will cause discomfort and discomfort. Tight, glaring panties break the silhouette lines, turning you into a caterpillar. Too loose will create bumps under clothes.

In addition to the aesthetic side of the wrong choice of clothes is fraught with health problems: impaired blood supply, back pain. Close bra due to constant pressure provokes the appearance of tumors in the chest.


Quality linen is 80% cotton. Sets of synthetics will not last long, but may add health problems. Synthetics do not allow the skin to breathe, which contributes to the development of bacteria. The fabric, unpleasant on tactile feelings, causes an itch and an allergic reaction.

Cotton is perfect. Pure 100% cotton has only one drawback - after several washes, the laundry loses its shape. Therefore, a small percentage of elastane will solve this problem. Recently, the production of linen from viscose. This is an artificial material from natural raw materials. Viscose panties are light, keep their shape well and do not cause discomfort.

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