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12 ways to use the cosmetic products that you wanted to throw away

Saving is the wealth of the poor and the wisdom of the rich," Alexander Dumas liked to say. Sometimes things that do not seem to find application can serve as faith and truth. For example, a cream, the smell of which you do not like, or the powder of the "wrong" shade. We know how to make cosmetics that simply collect dust on the shelves, to be useful.

1. Tonic

The composition of many tonics for the face includes alcohol, which effectively destroys bacteria, which makes it an excellent antiseptic. Tonic will help you out if you need to immediately disinfect your hands. It is capable of becoming an excellent alternative to a special remedy. It can also wipe the mobile phone or computer keyboard. Firstly, a huge amount of dirt and bacteria accumulates on these objects; secondly, the technique should not be washed with water, but alcohol solutions are suitable for these purposes. 

2. Cosmetic oil

Cosmetic oil for the skin can be cleaned with a stainless steel sink. Drip the product on a rag and wipe the surface, then walk around with a paper towel. Oil creates a thin film on the surface, which will prevent the appearance of plaque and stains from the soap. Not without reason this cunning is often used on exhibition samples. 
Cosmetic oil

3. Clear nail polish
Colorless varnish is able to give shine not only to nails, but also to almost any polished surfaces, it will also help to fix small details. To get rid of scratches on polished furniture, you need to carefully apply the product to the damaged area. The varnish will help to save your favorite pair of glasses. In order not to lose the small bolts from the rim, it is enough to fix them with a thin layer of varnish. 
Clear nail polish
4. Powder
In powder contains mineral salts, which have the ability to absorb moisture. Before training in the gym, powder zones with increased sweating: armpits, elbows, decollete and palms. Such a trick will help avoid irritation and rubbing. Friable powder can replace dry hair shampoo. It is necessary to slightly powder the roots of the hair, so that this cosmetic agent absorbed the excess of sebum. After that, comb your hair well over the bathroom. 

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