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Should I take bisacodyl for weight loss?

Some medications, originally intended for the treatment of certain ailments due to different properties are used for weight loss. For example, bisacodyl. Who knows, maybe this is the one "magic pill" that will help to find a slim body without exhausting diets and exhausting workouts?

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Composition and pharmacological properties of the drug

Bisacodyl numbered amongst the group of laxatives and discharged in the form: tablets for oral administration; suppositories for rectal administration.
Should I take bisacodyl for weight loss?
The active substance of both forms of the drug (bisacodyl) provides a laxative effect due to the fact that: irritates bowel receptors; activates mucus production in the large intestine; stimulates intestinal peristalsis. According to the instructions, the drug is indicated for bowel cleansing prior to surgery, some medical (including diagnostic) procedures, as well as: constipation chronic nature (different etiology, particularly after childbirth, the elderly and bed-ridden patients, etc.); irregular stool with proctitis, anal fissures, hemorrhoids.

Use of the drug

According to the instructions, for medicinal purposes are advised to take bisacodyl times a day (preferably in the evening, before bedtime). Tablets should be swallowed without compromising the integrity, drink a small amount of water.
Should I take bisacodyl for weight loss?
Bisacodyl need to drink small amounts of water without chewing tablet When using suppositories once daily candles are administered rectally. The duration of use of both forms of the drug - no more than 5-7 days. Doctors do not recommend the resort to the use of laxatives without a special need. Before the use of bisacodyl required specialist advice.

As used bisacodyl slimming?

Those interested in a short time to lose weight take the drug as recommended in the instructions for the treatment of constipation. Admission drug slimming diet is carried out without correction or combine it with a low-carbohydrate diet to increase the "plumb". Analogs Bisacodyl (Acre bisacodyl, bisacodyl-Hemofarm Bisacodyl-OVL) are also used for the purpose of weight control. Dosing of drugs is identical.
Should I take bisacodyl for weight loss?
Slimming taking bisacodyl, hoping to gain a slender figure How effective is the use of drugs for weight loss?
Whether bisacodyl deliver the extra weight?
Why do drug has been used for weight loss? The thing in its laxative effect, which is manifested after 6-12 hours when taken orally and after an hour when administered to the anus. Proponents of the method claim that taking medications: It cleanses the intestines of toxins; establishes organ functioning; activates metabolic processes. What do the doctor's say? Representatives of conventional medicine strongly against the use of bisacodyl in order to lose weight. According to professionals, taking the medicine is carried out only if there is evidence in the agreed statement. Bisacodyl does not burn fat, he just empties the intestines. Naturally, after taking a laxative weight is somewhat reduced, but how long will this effect? As evidenced by the feedback, quickly departed kilograms so promptly returned.
Should I take bisacodyl for weight loss?

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