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Best Make-up ideas in Year 2017

There were times when the need to wear glasses the girls seemed a tragedy. As well, they are long gone! Today, even those who can boast of 100% vision, buy glasses without diopters, to bring something new into your style. But what about the combination of "Points + make-up?" It turns out that there are some nuances. You want to look like the most impressive and rims, and without? Then memorize these tips from professional makeup artists.
Makeup for girls who are the eyes, has its own quirks. They graciously share professional make-up artists from the United States.

1.Eye Make-up is required

Best  Make-up ideas in Year 2017
2.primer Anti-slip
Glasses- in themselves a bright accessory. Not surprisingly, many of the girls, bought a new frame, believe that now is a happy and easy time you can safely stop the paint in the morning. And here and there. Makeup artists convinced of the opposite: now you just have to do make-up with emphasis on the eyes, and look stunning!
Best  Make-up ideas in Year 2017
Points and strive to slip away somewhere beyond your beautiful nose? There is a small trick: before applying the tonal basis, be sure to use a primer or base under make-up. This will help prevent slipping and not have to constantly correct glasses.
4.luxury neutrals
Points, especially in a dark rim, able to magically and unpleasant way to emphasize under-eye circles. Decision? Use a corrector or concealer with yellow midtone. This will help to reliably hide the traces of lack of sleep.
Best  Make-up ideas in Year 2017
5.less luster
Best  Make-up ideas in Year 2017
6.Do not forget the eyeliner or pencil
Glare from the eyeglass lens and shade with a clear gloss - not a good combination. Use the shadows to Shimmer or satin effect, in order to emphasize the inner corner of the eye (to "open" view) and select the area under the eyebrow. And all the eyelid, apply a matte shade.
Best  Make-up ideas in Year 2017
7.Do not use lengthening mascara
Best  Make-up ideas in Year 2017
8.Do not forget the eyebrows
The best addition to the new frame? Gently the underlined, groomed eyebrows! This union will make all the features of the face is more expressive and graphical now.

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