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Useful And Healthy Properties of Aloe, Which Everyone Should Know

On Aloe and its valuable properties known since ancient Egypt. This succulent contains a huge amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes - a total of about 200 nutrients. The Egyptians called Aloe "plant of immortality" because of the gelatinous fluid in the leaves, which consists of 99% water and keeps all the benefits of the plant. And the Christopher Columbus said: "The four plants are necessary for human life: grain, grape, olive and aloe. The first - feeding, the second - pleases, the third - gives harmony, the fourth - heals. " Indeed, thanks to the aloe sailors survived after his next expedition. Now, after hundreds and thousands of years, we continue to use aloe and manufacturers add it to the food, cosmetics and medicines.

1.Aloe reduces stress and boosts immunity

2.Aloe improves digestion

Aloe - a powerful adaptogen that boosts the protective function of the body and makes it more resistant to external changes and shocks. That is due to the adaptogenic body is able to resist the disease, coping with the emotional, physical stress, and get used to the new conditions, such as environmental. However, aloe is rich in antioxidants (vitamins A, C and E), which fight free radicals. Radicals provoke mass diseases, including cancer and accelerate the aging process and reduce immunity.

Poor digestion may be due to unhealthy eating habits, food allergies, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, etc. To cope with the discomfort helps aloe juice (of course, in conjunction with medications prescribed by your doctor).. It normalizes the acid-alkaline environment, regulates the bowels, improves the absorption of nutrients, relieves heartburn and constipation. Especially recommend the juice to those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. One study found: Taking 30 ml of aloe juice twice a day reduces the manifestation of symptoms of the disease, such as flatulence. Yet some overestimate the capabilities of aloe - not to mention, fashion trends in nutrition are felt. Polls love smoothies and vegetable juices allows marketers to create entire legend of "incredible and fast" fat-burning effect of these drinks. Aloe juice is actively gaining popularity - now it is added to almost all of the food and drinks, just to lose weight. But we hasten to destroy another myth. Natalia Grigorieva dietitian, which entered the top 10 leading nutritionists in Moscow in 2014 - Any vegetable juices are low in calories, and therefore recover from them will not work at all desire. Natural aloe juice drinks are considered fat burning, but it is not so. Harm as benefit from them will not. The benefits you will not get if you spend a few days in detox: protein does not enter the body and, accordingly, are not recruited muscle mass, because this does not appear fat-burning effect. As a result of the lost weight back quickly (the effect of "yo-yo").

4. Aloe improves skin condition

5. Aloe Improves Skin Health

6. Aloe improves skin condition

5. Aloe improves skin health