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Unbelievable Secret Apartments Around The World

There’s something about architects and businessmen wanting to live in the places they create. And we’re not talking about a live-work studio. We’ve been noticing a historical trend of apartments in grand civic spaces–from apartments atop the Eiffel Tower, Radio City, Bergdorf Goodman, the second Madison Square Garden–to more modern-day expressions of exclusivity–a cabin in a loft in Brooklyn, suburban houses plopped atop existing apartment buildings, an Fifth Avenue apartment full of secret riddles and compartments. Here’s a little about each of these idiosyncratic apartments.

1.Walt Disney’s secret apartment above the fire station at Disneyland.

2.The secret apartment on a university campus that has been unoccupied for 100 years.

3.The theater apartment that offered a bird’s eye view of the stage below. 

4.The apartment built for a legendary impresario in Radio City Music Hall. 

5.The secret apartment inside an iconic Parisian tower. 

6.The living quarters above a legendary New York department store. 

7.The hidden residence built inside a mall parking lot. 

8.The “apartment” in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal.