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Painting in The interior For The Uniqueness of Your home And Apartment

Paintings on the wall perfectly revitalize and diversify the interior of the premises. And if the wall itself will turn into a picture? This room design will definitely be a memorable, original, trendy, topical ... You can pick up many more adjectives to describe the design of such facilities. But one thing is absolutely sure - this interior will not be bored and boring. Not so long ago were in fashion wallpapers in the interior. This addition to the registration of several rooms enlivened the overall impression of the interior, but quickly tired. After all, to invest part of the soul and move it in the photo is not possible, and in writing the picture the artist always gives a piece of himself. The image created by the hands, will have a positive energy and transmit it to people living in the house.







Scene Selection for painting Each room in the house has its purpose and, therefore, subject of the picture to be applied to the wall is necessary to select the appropriate meaning and color to the overall decor. The living room is important to create an atmosphere of comfort and harmony, because this room brings together the whole family, welcomes its guests. In it you spend a lot of time. The plot is deposited on the wall should be enjoyable for all family members. It can be quiet landscapes, images of animals and more. The bedroom, as you know, is a place of rest and relaxation. For painting walls you can use any theme related to sleep in this room: the night sky, clouds, zodiac signs, landscapes. Tip: combine two images in one. Day will be seen a picture of any landscape or floral motifs, and tread the night starry sky or Milky Way, made ​​with fluorescent dyes. If you want to give your child a real fairy tale, make a list of walls in the interior of his room. The plot you can use any, related to children and childhood, toys, cartoons. Colors choose soft, pastel, to avoid unnecessary load on the psyche of the child. When making a child to older children, be sure to consider his wishes when choosing a figure.






Kitchen design is also easy to vary the picture on the wall. For small premises fit the image window with some extensive panorama terrace or by the lake. Pale monochrome or kitchen can be made brighter with the help of a still life with juicy fruits or berries. Tip: in the room where the food is cooked, by hand, choose a wall in front of the stove and sink. Then the picture will not spoil grease or splashes of washing dirty dishes. Wall painting in the bathroom has several features. Firstly, you should choose water-resistant paint. Second, the finished picture should be protected by covering it with lacquer. Unlike the other rooms, the bathroom is not necessary to select a picture story for the overall design. On the contrary, the wall on which the painting is done, you can beat the other interior details. Figure you can use any, do not just take the dark tones - they will reduce the volume and so a small room. Hallway or corridor - is the calling card of any home. The way the room is decorated, depends on the impression from the entire apartment. Dimensions of standard hallways, as a rule, do not allow to beat the interior with furniture. interior painting in the hall is a great solution to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Figure is an abstract approach, made lighter, calm tones.









Different techniques of painting the walls Despite the diversity of the technician performing the painting on the walls there are two main types: traditional and modern techniques. Wall painting in the traditional technique is considered to be more time-consuming, as is done exclusively hand without the aid of any tools and appliances. For this type of technology include the following: - Fresco . Figure is applied to water-based paints on wet plaster, which after drying yields a thin protective layer over the entire picture. This technique can be used for painting of concrete, stone and brick walls. We must work quickly, so to cope with the fresco only professional artist. - Alsekko . It differs from the previous art in that the paint is applied to a previously prepared plaster. In operation, the surface is wetted as required. The painting this technique is less durable than a mural, but it has a juicy taste. - Sgraffito . Technique is very complicated. Figure scratched plaster in several layers at different depths. The image is of the same color, but many different shades and tones. Error correction is almost impossible, therefore, for a painting technique using stencils. - Encaustic . As the pattern of the material acts as melted wax with colorants that "cauterize" the wall. In another embodiment, hot wax is applied to tissue slices, and then transferred to the surface. - Three-dimensional painting ( "snag"). This technique is very complicated, but the result is unusual and interesting. The bottom line is this: the surface is applied to the relief image, which was subsequently erased paints. The picture in the end it turns out with 3D-effect.




Painting the walls with his own hands You are convinced that the creation of the painting on the wall - it only professionals, but also very expensive? Believe me, the artistic painting the walls in the interior - not easy, but quite affordable art common man. Preparation . To create your own 

masterpiece, you will need the following set of tools: a brush, a pencil and a long line of paint and varnish. First you choose the image and the actual wall, which is destined to become a painting. Its surface is trimmed, re-plastered. Under the picture is applied acrylic primer. As long as the wall dries, do some preparation stencil or image thumbnail. Most of the work . To move the picture on the wall, you must raschertit it into squares (1 cm * 1 cm). Scale the image and cause increased squares on the prepared surface. Parts of the plot turn redraw, referring to the "source code". You can start coloring. To obtain the desired color, add the colorant in a white acrylic paint slowly, gradually achieving the desired tone.