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Nonvolatile Apartment House in Australia

People gradually move to what they are trying to arrange his life so that she might have minimal adverse impact on the environment. They're coming to it in different ways, including taking all sorts of measures in the field of alternative energy. Renewable energy sources - that is developing, "acquires" new technologies and inventions. All this is most clearly seen in the case studies, Kojima wave can be called home in Australia with solar panels. Due to their properties and characteristics of the building is completely non-volatile.

The name of the project - Bush House. Construction and is located in Margaret River in Western Australia. The area where the house stands is an empty glade among the shrubs and trees. Constructed it was for the person who set the goal of unity with nature. Externally, the building looks quite interesting. It has a rectangular layout. Inside the room is divided into a bedroom and living room, while there is made split-level floor. Sex acts as an extension of the terrace, which in turn seems to air. If we talk more about the "heart" of the house, here it is worth noting a practical technology on which to the steel frame of a long operation does not appear no patina. For this was used a structural grid that frames may well be replaced with steel to wood. And a lot of time for this is not required. Transformation is safe. With regard to energy independence at home, then there is a very important characteristic for which, in fact, the house and shows the general public. There is: logically constructed system of ventilation, allow to cool, or not lose heat in the corresponding period of the year; the maximum flow of sunlight into the house; photovoltaic panels; solar installations for water supply; conditions in a farm for the production of filter elements, i.e. worms, by which the earth is supported by irrigation with nutrients. With regard to materials, and then they were carefully chosen so that environmental impact is minimized. Published photosapartment.com