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Interior:Ideas For Lighting in The Kitchen

To some extent, the kitchen is the heart of the apartment. There are culinary masterpieces, and often this is where there is a dining area. Therefore, it is important to create a comfortable environment that is largely dependent on good lighting in the room. How to organize it properly, and it is worth remembering that each owner? We decided to figure it out!

1.Couple Lights


3.Spotlights in the kitchen

Even at the stage of repair costs to take care that the lighting in the kitchen was convenient and sufficient. The most successful option is to spotlights, specialists in interior design is strongly recommended to refer to it. Yes, this option take about 10-20 centimeters height of the ceiling, but ensure even filling the rooms with light.

4.Illumination of work surfaces 

5.Illumination of work surfaces 

Particular attention should be paid to the triangle - the area in which the gastronomic transformations occur. Nothing should not overshadow the hostess, and the lack of light - induce wrinkles on her face, so it is advisable to arrange additional sources of light at the stove, the sink and work surface. The most successful variant - to arrange lighting on the lower part of the hanging cabinets. It is worth remembering that the light should fall so that when cutting vegetables or washing dishes not created shadows.

6.Furniture Illumination 

When the interior is filled with light, it automatically becomes comfortable. Besides, there is a secret for small spaces - the better lighting them, the more they appear visually. Therefore, if you have the opportunity and the desire to make the interior a light, it is necessary to consider additional illumination of facades of furniture and interior lighting cupboards or open shelves.

7.Concealed lighting 

Hidden illumination is also working on the creation of the air situation. Its meaning is that it is almost invisible in the interior, but it works on a visual extension of the space and creating a pleasant atmosphere in the room.

8.Hidden lights 

9.Accent lighting 

Of course, we must not forget about the stylish lamps that are able to vary the space and make it more interesting. They can be placed in the dining area, over a sink or stove. You can play with shapes and colors, or select fixtures in accordance with the style of interior. Greater effect can be achieved if the right to pick up from 3 to 5 lamps in one stylistic decision.