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Best Interior Ideas For Your Living Apartments 2017

Face any home is undoubtedly a living, and his heart - the kitchen. It is therefore important that the kitchen room was the most comfortable and cozy, with the design of which is not to save. The main decoration of this room are the curtains. Therefore, the most important factors here - a well-chosen material for them and their color shade.

Curtains in the kitchen interior 

Most often bought for the kitchen light curtains, allowing secure access to the sun, because it is a place of gathering food vitality. There will never be able to relax and unwind. Much less acquired dark curtains, for example, curtains with lambrequins or roman shades, as only they can miss the sun's rays. With regard to the window frame, it is totally dependent on the house owner preferences.


2.It is important to note that even the latest news and fashion trends will look bad in the room, 

if they do not will like the owners of property. So do not blindly chase fashion, but remember that any decoration or thing in the house have to like it. It is from this is a start in the first place. The color of curtains shade should blend in well with the design style of the room.

3.White curtains, although they are expanding the kitchen space, are too aggressive. 

For this reason, it is recommended to soften them by adding beige, coffee, or pink hue.

Yellow color, as we know, perfectly stimulates the performance of man and his brain activity. Bright shades of that color to visually expand the space, making them ideal for the living room or office. As for the kitchen and bedrooms, the yellow - it's quite a bad option. If a child's room window looks to the north, the yellow curtains fit most. As psychologists recommend, any products of these colors need melancholic children. Yellow bright shade goes well with green and white colors, but also looks pretty good combination of yellow and blue colors.

4.Blinds in the interior of the bedroom 

If the preference was given the green curtains, then you must know that the soft shades of the material is desirable to use in the dining room, bedroom and living room. Shades of color are able to create peace and provide a calming effect.

5.In the last time it is considered very fashionable turquoise color, 

but it needs to respect. Bright shades of that color look great framed in a qualitative, for example, in combination with luxury furniture, and with the help of light tones can beautifully complement the nursery. The ideal option is the use of turquoise hues, not as an integral web, but as a complement to the general background.

6.Blue shades curtains are blue, 

but they are much softer and can have a calming effect on the human psyche. That is why they are ideal for the bedroom. To freshen up the room a bit, add the elements of warm colors, thanks to which it will be much more comfortable.

7.Blue has the same calming effect as blue, bringing into the room a certain coolness. 

It blends perfectly with white shades, but this combination is too cold, so it is recommended to dilute beige and yellow colors. Red curtains are used very rarely, because they are too bright. A large number of color presses on the human subconscious, and visually reduces the room. But if you use a combination of muted shades of red and other warm colors, it is ideal for bedroom or living room. In the presence of the bedroom furniture made of wood a perfect complement to it will be red organza.