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Fashionable Carpet Colors And Patterns For Your Living Apartments 2016

Today, carpet is one of the main decorative elements in the interior. It is able to set a certain mood in the space, make the room visually larger or longer. What are the carpets in fashion this year? Which model should pay special attention to, and what kind of carpet color to choose? We decided to figure it out!

1.Ash gray

2.fashion gray carpets

One of the Flowers, in 2016 became the elegant gray. Of course, the designers could not ignore this trend and offered to lay on the floor a large ash-colored-colored carpets and wet asphalt. It is a versatile option for spacious apartments and malogabaritok. In addition, the gray makes the space an elegant and stylish.

3.Grey is perfect for malogabaritok and spacious apartments

4.Such different pink

5.Carpet delicate pink hue to create a relaxing atmosphere Another fashionable color this year.

pink. To create a peaceful environment in the interior, you should choose pastel shades, which will gently envelop and customize relaxation. If necessary dynamics, it can not do without a carpet with thin stripes and frequent active colors - purple, pink, red. This is a win-win option for tight spaces.

Carpet with the active pattern to create dynamics in the interior

6.watercolor stains

7.Watercolor stains on the carpet.

For years in a row carpets manufacturers get oneself up to the visual arts and techniques that are utilized by the artists. This time the designers inspired watercolor stains. They decided to move on the surface of the carpet, using translucent colors that are skillfully layered one upon the other. The internet, as a plain and colored variants.


In watercolor divorce designers decided not to stop. They decided to turn carpets into works of not only the carpet, but also art. Now, instead of the traditional patterns and geometric shapes that have been popular in recent years, on the carpets depict landscapes, portraits and other pictorial subjects. This carpet will adorn the interior, in particular, performed in the classical style.

9.Carpet as a work of art

10.The picture on the carpet

Alternative geometry In 2016, experts in the field of carpet designs have decided to move away from all the boring geometry. So now instead of diamonds and zigzags on carpets adorn wavy peacock feathers and colorful floral motifs. It also focuses on gold, copper, yellow and green shades that contrast with the deep chocolate and burgundy.

11.Peacock feathers

Alternative geometric pattern on carpets