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20 + Funny Pictures of Naughty Kids of Lovely Parents

Hide and Seek - one of the most beloved children's games. Where only did not hide the kids: under the table, behind the curtain, in the bedside table and even, covering his face with his palms. Nor do they believe that nobody sees. In our review of photographs, which show the "hidden" kids. Good mood guaranteed.

1. Cool tree-shiroooookoe

2. Almost shelter

3. Excellent bedside

4. The next time you need to repaint the hair

5. hid so hid

6. An experienced player in the hide and seek

7. Scarce so good hiding

8. Asylum seemed so reliable

9 champions in the game of hide and seek

10. I do not find

11. Secure the shelter - a guarantee of success

12. Funny moment of the game

13. disguise

14. And there is nothing that half of the body sticking out of hiding

15. The perfect place to hide

16. Smart move

17. Kid distinguished wit

18. Even the most smyshl—Ďnogo player can give toes

19. Cuckoo

20.Mom, I can see you, and you do not have