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10 Fabulous Modern Houses From The World Wide Web

Chic, inspiring and simply beautiful modern house - proud photosapartment architects and the entire community! We are always happy to share with you the projects that do not just change one family's life for the better, but also serve as an excellent example for all of us a successful cottage or villa. In

this photo-collection offers designs in modern style - modern, stylish and functional. Basically, they have panoramic windows in almost all areas, terraces and other convenient places for recreation in the area. Note that in the planning of almost all of them adhere to one concept - closed private facades in the streets and open overlooking the garden - on the reverse side.

1.Summer house with a luxurious patio

International hit on homify - summerhouse of Kharkov architect Alexander Jidkova - particularly attractive terrace drowned in the hearth. Here, surrounded by woods and flavors, you can spend great holidays or to give children an unforgettable summer!

2.Cottage with pool

Another project of the house, which struck us - this charming Art Nouveau villa with a swimming pool, which seems to be a very comfortable place to live. The house is a traditional shape with tiled roofs, bivalve high doors to the garden and to the general mood of the Mediterranean clearly deserves your attention.

3.Net Art from Mexico 

Latin American Art is especially geometrically and stylish, this we learned from the article "Projects of houses in the style of brazilyano" and make sure, looking at the Mexican project. Just imagine - this house has only one window overlooking the street, but it does not seem impregnable castle, but rather futuristic design project.

4.Villa on the edge of the world 

Another project, which forced us to completely reconsider the idea of ​​a country lifestyle and think about the construction of a villa somewhere on the island in the ocean and with a good internet - this amazing house, incredibly impressive located on the hillside

5.Portuguese Riviera 

Another house, which gives us a special inspiration exquisite snow-white Art Nouveau, built in Portugal and certainly a great place to live. Simple lines, open floor plan and lots of light make it a project that wants to learn more.

6.House with a secret 

This amazing house with an incredible pool of interesting shapes, a second pool on the second level, a waterfall, connecting them into a coherent whole, and just a fantastic plan, which includes a patio with a palm tree, was established in Colombia and is preparing to implement. Standing right on the beach and has its own dock, it looks like the perfect place to relax.

7.An oasis of style and family idyll 

On such a dream of many home - a chic, spacious, stylish and modern, with a beautiful patio and swimming pool, panoramic windows and multiple terraces. He - not just an image, but the real goal, which is for you can be a guiding light in the ascent to the summit. This project is realized in Switzerland near Zurich architects from the firm MEIER ARCHITEKTEN.

8.Family Art 

Another dream home with a courtyard located in Kaliningrad and decorated the interior design studio Asia Orlova. Modern lighting and charm here look very impressive in the family house format.

9.In the forest of futuristic 

Stylish design with natural wood trim with imitation of authentic rocks especially in a forest full of its own charm. "Square Mandarin" - is a large modern house designed for people who appreciate comfort and open space. Total area - 404 square meters.

10.Luxury villa 

Villa, similar to those that can be found in Hollywood, based in Brazil, and in no way inferior to the original! Located under the rules of style, on a hillside and has a terrace with pool and a continuous panoramic windows overlooking the back yard, it is a challenge for us