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Wedding Photoshoot Fantastic beauty, Taken on Top of A Glacier in Alaska

This swashbuckling wedding icon shoot was recorded proficient yankee creative person from Anchorage named Martinez rag (Josh Martine), that is unlikely to ever forget the recently shaped bridal couple. to create fantastic photos, a creative person with the bride and groom traveled by chopper to the highest of the ice mass Knik placed in Last Frontier. Photos clothed  to be very lovely and shining turquoise water add photos fantastic art movement. Masterpiece photos look any.

1. A loving couple kissing surrounded by clear turquoise water

2. The groom took his bride in his arms, so that she is not soaked dress

3. But all in vain, for the sake of the beautiful pictures can be anything you want to dunk

4. It turned out fabulously beautiful

5. the band had to use a helicopter to climb to the top of the glacier Knik,

6. Both Together

7. In Lovely Style.

8. Photoshoot while kissing to his love

9. Photo of Ice.

10. Ice on hight

11. Photo of couple with Airplane.

12. huge To each other.

13. Love in arms