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Tips For Healthy and Beauty Sleep

On the question of how to maintain their youth longer, famous top model 80 Inès de La Fressange, said clearly and simply - good sleep. A healthy and deep sleep relieves fatigue, in, relax the muscles, nervous system rests while sleeping in the body to normal functioning of all internal organs. After sleeping person feels fresh and healthy.
Most likely on the right, or good sleep, we think about it when night, turning from side to side, can not sleep. In the morning, barely awake, not having time to calmly eating his breakfast, a quick make-up, while saying to himself - "again, circles under the eyes" run to the office. And we feel that the mood "absolutely nowhere," look even worse.
What's the matter? Why again this insomnia? Let's see what the main causes of insomnia?
One of the reasons can be called a violation of work and rest. As soon as the regular alternation of work and rest, no fatigue, and restful sleep will save health and prolong youthfulness of the body, including the skin.

As is well known, human skin regenerates mostly at night, and the peak of its renovation accounts for approximately from 23.00 to 2.00 hours.
What happens? If you do not go to bed on time and at the same time to work late or to conduct "active" in the cheerful company, the body loses some energy, which is so necessary for the regeneration of the skin.
To a young age, this deficit is not so noticeable, but even then the skin condition worsens. Even after 35 years, you will see on his face the traces of sleep disorders - bags, circles under the eyes, etc.
If in 25 years to regain a fresh, rested look, you just need a good rest, and a two-week vacation you will, after 35 will require much more effort. But what about the miracle creams, about which so much talk beauticians? Creams help us in many ways, but they can not replace a good night's sleep.
What are the main rules must be observed in order to maintain a good sleep, and throughout the day to stay cheerful.
1. All of the features - one is enough to sleep 5 hours, others - up to 8 hours, or even more. Aim for quality of sleep, and not to the number of hours. If your body does not require more than 5 hours, do not force it. Oversleep sometimes longer than it should, and feel "broken", tired, even with a slight headache.
2. One of the conditions for a good night's sleep - is to go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time.
3. Occupy your body physically demanding - in the modern world we have largely restricted themselves, especially in active motion. Therefore, we should start with morning exercises and warm or cool shower.
4. Think - Is good for a full sleep is your bed? The mattress should provide support for the spine during the entire time of sleep, and the pillow should be comfortable for the head and neck.
If it is inconvenient to you, then you wake up in the morning, often with headache. This is because the cervical vertebrae are in an unnatural position, and the neck muscles tense upper back, whereby the blood supply to the brain is disturbed.
Some of us like to sleep on a high pillow, with his head lowered to the chest and neck folds are formed.In this position, you do not pass the double chin and wrinkles on the neck. By the way, all this is formed when reading in bed or at the lower tilted his head when working at a desk.
Choose a pillow that the skin on the neck, chin and chest does not move. Teach yourself to sleep on a low flat pillow, with the back.

5. Choose comfortable clothes for sleeping. It should not be too tight, should not hamper the movements. The best materials for the garment can be linen, poplin or cotton. Silk lingerie looks luxurious, but in reality it is cold and slippery.
6. Before going to bed, ventilate the room in which sleep. The optimum temperature for a good sleep - 20 - 22 degrees. In the bedroom, especially in the winter, it would be good to include in the night air humidifier. Try dusting frequently in the room where you sleep. If this is not enough time, not to acquire extra figurines, vases and statuettes, which the dust settles.
7. Alcohol and spirits will not sleep before going to bed. From such a person drinks like "falls" in the dream, but it's not the sleep that allows the body to restore lost energy. You'll wake up at night to fall asleep again, etc. In the morning cheerfulness can not be expected - "head buzzing."
8. Do not eat at night. Abundant or fatty foods will not fully sleep. Digestive organs sluggish, but will work the gastric juice, and other enzymes will be allocated, while the brain is configured to rest. In general, the body is not a rest.
With a hungry stomach to go to bed, too, does not fit all. Hunger in the blood sugar level drops, which stimulates the body's release of adrenaline, which makes a person nervous.
It all depends on the state of health - if you want to eat, the food should be light - low-fat cheese, nuts, yogurt, vegetable salad, fruit. All of these products have the amino acid tryptophan, which forms the body into serotonin, responsible for the full good sleep.
9. Before going to sleep not see action-packed movies, do not linger with a book in his hands, especially while lying in bed. Try as much as possible to go to bed no later than 23.00.
Of course, you may delay some urgent work or household chores. Much depends on you, how do you plan your work time and home affairs. There may be exceptions to these rules. But always try to advance not only plan, but also to see their loved ones in the first assistants.

10. Do not sit near the TV screens for a long time. The screen emits white-blue color similar to daylight.Because of this, there is a failure in development of the hormone melatonin. Its one of the main action is the regulation of sleep.
With age, the amount of melatonin is reduced, and sleep becomes more shallow and restless, as well as possible insomnia.
When we fall asleep, our body, melatonin restores, repairs, strengthens, it was he - one of the strongest natural immunomodulators and antioxidants, absorbing free radicals - those unstable molecules that destroy our cells and tissues.
If you have problems with sleep, prepare themselves herbal tea. To this end, suitable herbs - lemon balm, valerian, mint. An excellent tool for a good sleep can be warm milk with honey.
Try to sleep thinking about something good, or quietly talk with someone from the family, too, of something good.