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The Best Apartments From World Wide Web

These apartments - the ultimate dream, even for the rich. Beautiful views, excellent finishes, elite area. Defined only the price, because even repair prices of apartments , which will be comparable with the prices of a good apartment in Moscow, immediately evokes sadness. We present a list of the most popular and sought after apartments worldwide. All prices are in rubles.

1. Miami, Florida, USA. Kovy Marina Palms complex includes 469 luxury two and three bedroom apartments. The two houses are located on the Miami waterfront. Residents available swimming pool, tennis court, and a yacht club. Apartment price - almost 45 million rubles.

2. Edinburgh, Scotland. The house is located near the Royal Mile (a series of streets in the center of Edinburgh, one of the main attractions of the city). The apartments have four bedrooms and a magnificent view of the St. Egidio. Nearby there are shops, bars and restaurants. Price - 68.5 million rubles.

3. Venice, Italy. Palazzo Vendramin - is a building of the 15th century, restored by the famous architect Alberto Torsello. Today you can buy a beautiful apartment there for 60.8 million. Rubles.

4. Leicester, United Kingdom. The complex is on Phoenix Square includes 63 spacious suites. A few minutes walk from the city center. Each apartment has an outdoor terrace. Price - from 15 mln. Rubles.

5. Cannes, France. Penthouse with three bedrooms and views of the beautiful bay. Especially beautiful views can be enjoyed from the roof terrace. Just a few steps away - a wonderful beach. The price - 345 mln. Rubles.

6. Westminster, London. The apartment is on the Strand - the central streets of London, opposite the Royal Court. This complex comprises 206 suites, apartments and penthouses, as well as a restaurant and shops. penthouse cost - 863 million rubles..

7. Aix-en-Provence, France. If you want to live like a queen of France Marie-Antoinette, then this apartment in the historic center of Aix-en-Provence fits perfectly. The apartment has a lot of antiques and furniture, although modern facilities are also present. The price - 199 mln. Rubles.

8. Shoreditch, London. Impressive penthouse more than 1711 square meters. m. and a huge roof terrace with wooden decking. The price - 173 mln. Rubles.

9. Chaster - United Kingdom. The complex includes 35 apartments with stunning views of the city. The price - 172 mln. Rubles.

10. Swansea, United Kingdom. This beautiful hotel, built in 1799, is now an apartment building with luxury apartments. High ceilings, stained glass windows, the spirit of old England. Penthouse with three bedrooms will cost 83 million. Rubles.