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Mysterious And Incredibly Beautiful Cave From Around The World

The caves and dungeons have always been part of human life. We have thousands of reasons to dig them. We make excavations to find cultural treasures, dig mines for archaeological discoveries. We use the underground caves for entertainment and shelter from natural and man-made disasters. We connect using tunnels continents, they are used for their dark deeds smugglers. Under Tokyo is one unique instance. This is an incredible storm sewer system built to protect the 13 million inhabitants of the city from heavy rain and tropical storm floods. "Underground Church" is the most impressive part of the G-Bank, which was used as a background in various films and dramas. This giant metal tank sizes supported by 59 giant pillars. This is the entrance to Gaping Gill - one of the largest and most complex cave systems in the UK, located at the depth of 100 meters below the surface. Lalibela - a city in northern Ethiopia, one of the holy places of the country, center of pilgrimage . This town is known around the world for its monolithic churches, which play an important role in the history of rock architecture. Although the church is not exactly dated, it is believed that most of them were built during the XII-XIII centuries. The British Museum in London - one of the most visited sites in the UK. Recently added to it building a new exhibition center World Conservation and Exhibitions Centre, which has 9 floors, some of which is at a depth of 20 meters under the ground. The project is worth 135 million pounds. Salt Mine - one of the most popular tourist attractions in Colombia. Especially beautiful when backlit. Large Hadron Collider. The Large Hadron Collider is the largest research facility in the world. This is a giant particle accelerator designed to accelerate protons and heavy ions. Almost dungeons. Kandovan - a unique village located in Iran in the rocks, between the cities of Tabriz and Osku. The settlement is known for its ancient dwellings, carved directly into the rock. Some homes - up to 700 years, but this does not prevent people to live in them until now. The name of the village "Kandovan" is translated as "beehives." Another shot of Gaping Gill - one of the largest caves in the UK, located at the depth of 100 meters below the surface. Underground tunnel Beihai is located on the island of Taiwan Nangan. The tunnel was once part of a military base, and now it is a popular tourist attraction. Batu Caves (Batu Caves) - is a Hindu temple complex in the caves in Malaysia, and the largest outside of India. Sami limestone caves were formed more than 400,000 years ago near the Batu River. More on frog-travelers.ru: Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur or the biggest Hindu Temple in Malaysia. The composition of the "Batu Caves" complex consists of about 30 caves. This salt mine in Colombia, located at 80 meters depth, has a 500-year history. The tunnel is 30 meters long, coming out of the garage, which is dug to get to the safe in a Berlin bank. The Brazilian unfinished Cuncas II. This structure must connect the channels to divert water from the Sao Francisco River. The purpose of the project - to solve the problem of drought in the four states of the country. Work is already behind schedule for 3 years, and the cost has doubled compared with the initial budget, planned at $ 3.4 billion. The tunnel is located near the city Maurita, State of CearĂ¡, in the west of Brazil. In 2006, then-President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva insisted on the construction of the tunnel, which local residents have dreamed more than a hundred years. After 8 years, the project has been implemented only half.