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Most Futuristic Buildings From Around The World

These buildings have an unusual, almost ethereal look. They look ultra-modern, elegant, smooth and unusual. 10 most futuristic buildings in the world. 

1. Spaceport America - New Mexico. Developed by «Foster + Partners», this commercial spaceport in New Mexico, resembles a spaceship. It is this similarity and gives the building a futuristic look. History spaceport has 12 starts since 2006. The project itself is not yet fully legitimate and will continue to be available for tourists.

2. Hermitage Plaza - Paris.
Another masterpiece of the company «Foster + Partners». The project is scheduled for completion in 2017 and the two skyscraper will be the tallest buildings in the European Union, in the 320 meters. Next to the Hermitage Plaza will promenade, park, shops and restaurants.

3. Absolute World Towers - Canada. These two skyscrapers are residential complex. Construction was completed in 2012. Absolute World Towers also called "Tower of Marilyn Monroe" for their whimsical curvy shape. The height of the towers 158 and 179 meters. The building does not have a simple plastic windows and stained glass.

4. Gardens by the Bay - Singapore. These popular fairy soda were opened in 2011 and became one of the most visited tourist destinations in Singapore. The design is a 16-storey artificial structures with live plants. Gardens beautifully illuminated at night. In each structure built solar panels, so the energy for illumination taken from the sun.

5. One Bligh Street - Sydney. The building is located in the central business district of Sydney. It features a unique double-glass façade with a special lighting system, and even maintain a comfortable temperature. Also in the building is a "living wall" covered with plants.

6. Twenty Five Lusk - San Francisco. The former smokehouse in 1917 was the amazing restaurant, opened in 2012, after the reconstruction of the brilliant architect Cass Calder Smith. Now a 2-storey building area of ​​2987 m2 combines industrial aesthetics with warmth and comfort.

7. Palazzo Lombardia - Milan. Palazzo Lombardia - commercial building, created by the company «Pei Cobb Freed & Partners» in 2012. This 160 meter high building has an unusual roof. The building is very popular among tourists in Milan.

8. Saadiyat Cultural District - Abu Dhabi. Located on Saadiyat Island, this amazing building is another masterpiece «Foster + Partners».

9. Ordos Museum China - The unique building wavy shape of the copper color has a dark metallic finish, which reflects the Gobi Desert, in which the museum is located.

10. Pyramid W57 - New York. Residential building in New York, designed by Danish architects. Each of the apartments of the pyramid gets a lot of natural light.