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Laptops Have Revolutionized The World of Laptops

Many of us use laptops for a long time considering them as commonplace as the telephone or television. The idea of ​​creating a portable small computer nominated Alan Kay, head of advanced research laboratory of the company Xerox. It happened in 1968. But the world's first laptop was released only in 1982. The car was created by NASA request. This was the start of the creation of portable computers.

1. GRiD Compass - the very first laptop designed for NASA. 
The shell was created by British designer Bill Moggridge. Memory size - 340Kb that was just tremendously for that time.

2. Gavilan.
Created in 1983, this notebook has created a real revolution. Inside was the Intel 8088 processor frequency 5MHZ.

3. IBM Convertible released in 1986. This is the first notebook with a "sleep mode".

4. Mac Portable - a distant relative of the well-known and popular MacBook. The laptop can be considered the first attempt of the company to create a computer powered by batteries. What it has evolved and you know yourself. Hundreds and thousands of notebook models, working hours without recharging. And not only the Mac. Today you can buy a laptop at an affordable price in any online store , but in those days it was a rare and wonderful owners of the computer was a little.

5. IBook,
perhaps, is the most iconic Apple product designers. And not only in design. With the advent of the laptop completely changed the pricing policy on the laptop computers. IBook became the first affordable consumer notebook and sold in really large numbers.

6. Alienware M11x was a real leap into the future of laptops. With stunning power this laptop was huge competition desktop PCs and even surpassed it in many ways.

7. Acer Iconia - laptop-tablet with two screens. Instead of the traditional keyboard, it uses touch input. This Acer Iconia initiated popularization of laptops with touch screens. The idea was picked up by Asus, Lenovo and HP.