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Elusive African Animals In The Photographs Cameras

British photographer Will Burrard-Lucas (Will Burrard-Lucas) managed to get pictures of the most elusive animals on the territory of the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area in Namibia. To perform this difficult task he needed animals tracking camera and inexhaustible patience.
1. Porcupine runs past animal surveillance cameras.

2. Herd of elephants at watering in the reserve of Masha in the eastern part of the Zambezi, Namibia.


4. By working closely with researcher from WWF Lise Hanssen
who has been studying the distribution of species in the region, Will managed to find some good places to install surveillance cameras.

5. When my trip was over,
I did not remove the camera, so they were able to work another 10 weeks. My task was to get beautiful pictures that would be able to illustrate the richness of the wildlife of this region. If people see this, they will realize how much you can lose if you do not take care of ensuring adequate protection of wildlife. "


7. Animal surveillance cameras were set up on the territory of the reserve and beyond.



10. With the help of one of the cameras installed near the waterhole in the reserve Masha managed to get an incredible amount of pictures of various animals, including elephants, giraffes, Cannes, wildebeest and bush pigs.