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Best And Gorgeous Makeup Ideas For Every Day

"The eyes of the shadows to color or not? And what reasonably lipstick to take: red or pink? to figure with bright makeup can't, perhaps simply to form up the eyelashes mascara? "- These and many alternative queries still asks himself, nearly each lady within the morning, planning to work.

1. Perfect tone

 To make an ideal complexion, use creams, powder and reader (concealer). Remember! don't use too dark foundation, although you would like to possess a tanned look. selecting concealer for face, take care that it's lighter than a basis no quite one tone.

2. Thick eyebrows

Tidy the brow by filling in these voids doable shadows, pencil or ink. don't forget that hair color ought to match the colour of hair. For blondes suggested to use a light-brown pencil and brunettes will use darker reminder the palette.

3. Focus on the eyes

Move your eyes brown pencil or brown shadows, mix line brush. For ever apply the shadow of the foremost neutral shades. On the lashes - brown or black make-up.

4. Delicate blush

5. Bright lips

6. The ideal makeup for brunettes

7. Natural make-up for blondes

8. Natural makeup for redheads

9. Perfect nude

10. Remember the golden rule: you are doing or specialize in the eyes or lips. Natural makeup suggests harmonious underline the eyes and lips.