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Beautiful,Creative,Amazing,Fabulous House For Children

Probably every little girl wanted to live in their own treehouse. However, not all desires are destined to come true. Of course, if you do not have a super-dads, able to spend 350 hours and 4 thousand dollars to create a real fairy tale for her daughter.
This little architectural marvel constructed of concrete, rebar and wood, and can withstand the weight of three grown men. Father enthusiast based his design of Disney, and designed the house-tree in the cartoon style of Snow White. He works in the computer games industry, so that the idea and the sketch were ready very soon. However, their implementation took a lot of time and effort.

2. All work carried out on the weekends, or at night, in secret from her daughter. A man had to negotiate an unusual building with many instances of their city, and prove its fire safety.






8. Inside the house is light, so that she could read their favorite stories.




12. Also there is another place to relax on the roof. Windows lodge steel fixtures. Parents leave them on overnight.