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Beautiful,creative And Breathtaking Photos Taken Between Two Worlds

Many photographers take sensible photos on object, some photographers take sensible photos below water, and few photographers take sensible over-under shots. what is the trick to mastering this elusive art? Scubadiving.com shares the subsequent tips:
First, realize compelling subjects on top of and below. Then, hunt for calm conditions with bright lightweight and clear visibility (use an enormous glass dome!), and opt for your purpose of focus. Finally, use alittle aperture, a quick shutter speed and fast hearth.
Are you a master of this soggy-craft? Vote on your favorite photos below, or submit your own!

1. American Crocodile, Jardines De La Reina, Cuba

2. Group Selfie

3. A Baby Seal Cautiously Dips Its Head In Freezing Cold Water

4. Physalia Physalis

5. Unexpected Underwater Encounter With A Green Iguana

6. Krill: More Than A Dietary Suppliment

7. Jellyfish

8. Beneath The Horizon

9. Whale

10. Bora Bora

11. A Caribbean Brown Pelican Is Literally Floating On His Dinner

12. Sipadan Island And Its Characteristic Underwater World

13. Traditional Fishing On The Island Of Mare In New Caledonia

14. Jellyfish Lake, Rock Islands, Republic Of Palau

15. Fisherman

16. Shark

17. Zamami Island Locals

18. Duck

19. Your Move: American Crocodile, Jardines De La Reina, Cuba

20. Underwater Life Of Poda Island, Thailand