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Back To Life And To Love Her

The famous German photographer Dirk Gelbreht invited the Russian girl Nastya Belkovsky to shoot for the magazine. It would be plain, unremarkable history, if not one "but." Dirk is not attracted exterior flooring.
We decided to share this difficult story about how creativity helped Nastya love life when she did not live like.
Eight years ago, Nastia was a full and happy life. With 10 years of design Nastya fond of clothes and two consecutive years ranked first in the competition for young designers. However, one minute of its life turned 180 degrees.


 2. December 19, 2008 Anastasia got in a car accident, he lost both legs, 40 days in a coma, miraculously survived.

3. Nastia Belkovsky before and after the accident.

It happened on the Third Ring Road in Moscow - the car Nasty stalled.
- My daughter called us, warned that delayed, asked not to worry, they say, nothing terrible has happened - recalls Pope Igor Belkovsky.
When the traffic thinned out, Nastia went on the road to install an emergency stop sign, but did not have time. It knocked some reckless driver in the BMW at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour.
Only two hours later she pulled up to the scene of the accident. She called an ambulance, then mobile Nasty phoned her mother and called the hospital Belkovsky room where their daughter was taken. There she was at once completely amputated both legs.
two years culprit accident Alexei Guskov sent to the colony, and for the 25-year-old girl began a difficult time.
Month Nastia lay in a coma, and when it became clear that the girl survived, "Express Gazeta" published an account number for donations - up required complicated and therefore very expensive dentures. The collected money is still not enough. Helped case: the famous actor Vladimir Vinokur Nastya told the story of Joseph Kobzon, just released from the hospital. The famous singer immediately made the amount needed to pay for prosthetics in Germany.
In Berlin Nastya waited for a long and difficult rehabilitation: exercise, swimming, stretching - all through the pain and tears.

4.  With tears under 40-kilogram bag. It is necessary to remove the distortion.

A few days later the famous German photographer Dirk Gelbreht read in a local newspaper story about a poor Russian beauty without legs and conquered by her charm, decided to do a photo shoot for a glossy magazine.
- This amputation as Nastia Belkovsky, in Germany - a rare case, it is not something that on the cover of glossy magazines, even on the street without a special chair, not all people with disabilities can get - says Dirk Gelbreht. - German orthopedic help the girl "to stand up" and let the iron. I decided to try to regain her confidence in my abilities. Nastia has every chance to become a star of the magazine, believe my extensive experience. I will be happy if the example of other Nasty girl in trouble will understand that disability is not a hindrance, even for a model career. The main thing in a woman - the ability to enjoy life surrounding his positive attitude and charming smile.











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