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20 Coolest Hostels of Europ For The Budget Traveler

Hostels now not terrible, low-cost accommodation, wherever i would like to induce away as quickly as doable, and also the fashionable and stylish place of keep, competitive  with one another in terms of inventive style and free further services.
Below may be a list of twenty out there and fascinating hostels throughout Europe, wherever you'll keep whereas traveling.

1. Hostel Lavender Circus, Budapest, Hungary

2. This vintage created underneath the housing hostel is found in a very 19th-century building within the center of capital of Hungary.

With a heat and comfy atmosphere with slightly of imperial walking on air, this place is right for couples longing for romance and seclusion, however don't seem to be able to pay a lot of.

3. Prices: Double room from € 14 per person per day.

4. Location: city center near the metro station Kálvin tér.

5. Services: Free Wi-Fi, reception - 24/7, free towels, bed linen and hair dryer, a kitchen with free tea and coffee, as well as laundry facilities.

6. Landmarks: hostel is located across from the Hungarian National Museum, a short walk - Budapest Castle Hill, Parliament, and the beautiful Andrassy Avenue Gresham Palace

7. Hostel-prison (Prison Hostel), Karosta, Latvia

8. Once this building was a military prison, where no one has ever escaped. She was protected more than US Alcatraz! It is said that the building often meet ghosts, therefore, a most daring can wander through the area at night.

9. Are you ready to spend the night in a real prison bunk or an iron bed and enjoy the traditional prison food?

10. Every guest signs a special form, which agrees that they will be treated as a prisoner to it. And yes, you can get a penalty in the form of exercise because of the inappropriate behavior. Prices: 15 euros per person per day. Location: Karosta (Naval Port) is located 5 km from the historical center of Liepaja, located in the central area. Services: currently prison hospitality. Sightseeing: Historical tour of the prison and the museum is included in the cost of your stay, the Palace of the officers, Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas; a large fortress and military port channel - the bulk of the military-industrial complex of Karosta.

11. The Babushka Grand Hostel, Odessa, Ukraine

12. This unusual style hostel welcomes you warmly sincere grandmother. All rooms are decorated in a rustic style with vintage chandeliers, floral wallpaper, gilded ceilings and red patterned carpets Odessa aristocracy of the 18th century.

13. In the common area there is even a fireplace!

14. Prices: 7 euros per night in a dormitory, 11 euros for a single room. Location: in the city center, close to all major attractions of Odessa, a 15-minute walk from Arcadia, where the best beach and city clubs. Services: air conditioning, 24-hour reception, laundry facilities, a fully equipped kitchen with free tea and coffee, board games. Attractions: Located next to the lively Deribasovskaya street (main pedestrian street) and a magnificent Odessa Opera House. Featured cheap hostels

15. Hostel Franz Ferdinand, Sarajevo, Bosnia

16. This unique boutique hostel was created and launched by a group of young artists and architects. He tells the visitors the story of the assassination of the Austro-Hungarian Archduke, which triggered the start of the First World War.

17. Modern intricately designed rooms with big paintings, certainly impress you, and the price for such conditions seem even too low!

18. Prices: from 9,90 euros per night for a place in the common room and from 15.90 Euro per person in a double room.

19. Location: city center, Jelića street, a short walk from the main pedestrian street Ferhadija

20. Services: reception 24/7, access to a computer with free Wi-Fi, free breakfast and unlimited free coffee and tea making facilities, TV, games and great music on the same property. Attractions: within walking distance - the old part of the city, known Bascarsija (Baščaršija), and in the opposite direction - Cathedral.

21. Tree House Qadir (Kadir's Tree House), Olympos, Turkey

22. When you were a kid, you used to play in a tree house? Or you grew up in the city and were jealous of the village children, who was that?

23. Now you have the opportunity to spend your vacation on the tree with sweeping views of the Olympos National Park and the beautiful beach, where you find yourself after the walk out the rope ladder from the hostel.

24. Prices: € 12 per night in a 6-bedded room, 22 euros per person in a double room. 

Location: in the center of the wonderful village of Olympos. Services include air conditioning, Wi-Fi, hot showers, laundry, parking, safe, nice bar and restaurant, to accept credit cards. Attractions: Olympos with the famous Mount Olympos National Park, turquoise water and gorgeous golden sandy beaches. Interesting European hostels

25. Generator Hostel, Barcelona, ​​Spain