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We square measure thus completely different ... and nevertheless we have a tendency to square measure along, because the recent advertizement. variations between the sexes set down at the extent of the brain and ways that of thinking. Here may be a choice of facts, explaining however thoughts, feelings and actions of every of the sexes.

1. ladies ar double as hear higher than men. ladies hear a person screaming (and assume that he's angry), whereas men have a sense that he says in an exceedingly confidential manner, even with a definite shade of participation.

2. feminine via speaker hears each hemispheres of the brain , whereas the male - ideally with the left brain involving verbal, thought and thus crucial.

3. The hemisphere is additional developed in ladies , and therefore the right (the questionable emotional) - men. This contradicts the very fact that normal folks assume. ladies ar additional concerned in communication and social interaction, whereas men ar additional ready for action and competition.

4. Already in preschool ladies talking in four times quite boys . The boys ar uproarious and fight ten times additional usually than ladies (an average of five minutes versus thirty seconds).

5. The 9-year-old ladies outmatch boys in development for eighteen months . Adult girls pay a mean of twenty minutes per decision, the lads - and solely half dozen minutes to transfer the required or imperative data.

6. girls got to share their thoughts, feelings, emotions , whereas the person is attempting to resolve the matter. The husband interrupts his married woman to propose an answer, and also the married woman of a sense that he didn't listen.

7. In fact, men ar additional vulnerable than girls , however they're less specific their emotions, and this could not be neglected in marital status life.

8. For a girl additional necessary time for this can be within the cerebral hemisphere . a person is additional necessary than area, and here plays a crucial role the correct hemisphere. The advantage of men in meter abstraction impact - is big, since childhood.

9. a girl finds the way for specific markers - surpassing a person in basic cognitive process specific objects. Man operates on abstract ideas - he's ready to improvise, "a crosscut to urge to their automotive or edifice."

10. the girl is extremely well developed hearing , why area unit vital to her mild words, tone of voice, music, and so on. N.

11. The skin ladies is ten times beyond in men, receptors that area unit sensitive to the touch. additionally, hormone and lactogen (hormones of attachment and affection) increase her got to bit and caress.

12. With relevance the read that in men it's a lot of developed and a lot of eroticized - therefore their interest and excitement caused by the garments, make-up, jewelery, nakedness, sexy magazines.

13. However, ladies higher developed visual memory : on the face, the order of things location, the form of objects, and so on..

14. once the ball is on the bottom, the boys beat him on foot , and therefore the ladies soak up hand and ironed to his chest. this happens ad libitum and is directly associated with hormones.

15. androgenic {hormone} - the hormone of want , gender and aggression. It may well be known as the endocrine of conquest (military or sexual). The optimum concentration of testosterone:

develops muscle strength (40% muscles for men; twenty third - a woman);
It determines the speed of reactions and incontinence (92% of drivers honking in traffic "jams", and it's in the main men);
promotes the formation of aggression, competition, domination (the dominant male maintains the standard of the form);
develops endurance, perseverance;
promotes healing of wounds, increase bald, vigilance, developing a body of right-precision movements and orientation.
16. Estrogens, in turn, contribute to the event of adeptness , the separate movement of the fingers, the body left-hand drive likewise because the formation of regarding V-J Day body fat for men and twenty fifth - girls, necessary to shield the baby and breastfeeding.

17. girls square measure well remembers the names of the colours , she developed auditive and visual memory. girls square measure drawn to the dominant male, strong, able to shield, trained and socially recognized, which, as a rule, are older.

18. the girl aforesaid doltishly; man acts while not thinking.