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14 Steep Wall Decor Ideas 2016

To transform a wall into AN objet d'art or just add the domicile comfort and individuality, not essentially possess outstanding ability or purchase expensive  works of art. the most issue - it is your want, to a small degree little bit of patience, spirit and imagination.

http://www.photosapartment.com collected for you the foremost attention-grabbing ideas of decoration of variable problem, among that, we hope, everybody can realize one thing to their feeling.

1. Shelves Unusual Shape 

Decorative shelf serves both an aesthetic and practical function.

This is a wonderful interior decoration, and a good solution for those who do not have time for creativity and is not ready for 'Serious changes.

2. Photo Wall Mural

Forget the creepy wallpapers from 90 - modern counterparts significantly exceed their quality and amaze its realism

For room perfect portrait or urban theme.

3. Vinyl stickers

Ready vinyl stickers - one of the fastest and most cost ways of interior decoration

4. Photo

A collage of photos will be a pleasant reminder of your dear people and events

5. Using decorative adhesive tape

Decorative adhesive tape, or washi tape - a great way to liven up the interior for those who live in a rented apartment.

6. Wall decor paper

We'll have to spend a lot of time to cut out as much paper butterflies, but the result is worth it

7.Collage of postcards

8. Cymbal decor

Who said that the only place the plates in the kitchen?

9. Wine corks

Wine corks - beautiful natural material for creative work.

10. Invasion pixels

Wall design square stickers - a solution for true connoisseurs of eight-culture.

11. Wooden saw cut

12. String Art

String-Art allows you to create spectacular three-dimensional picture with minimal financial costs

13.The decor of wooden pallets

Disassemble the pallets can be finished as a part of the wall and the whole room.

14. Phytodesign / Vertical gardening