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10 Unique ideas For Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the place where you relax from the daily hustle and bustle, falling into a sweet dream. When decorating the bedroom are important furniture, colors, floor coverings, lighting and more. But the main attribute of bedrooms - of course same bed. And what could be better than a bed with an unusual headboard. There are many ways and ideas for independent creation of an unusual headboard. Materials can be very different - from wood to metal. The following ideas may inspire you to create the, perfect bedroom.

In this article we just give you only unique ideas for your bedroom and your home to manage its interior.

1. Headboard - Aquarium. 

Made to order in the form of the head of the aquarium will make your usual bed in the most wonderful place where you can relax surrounded by tropical fish.

2. Letters.

Make the alphabet, write a word or just randomly arrange the letters above the bed. To do this, you need the letters themselves and the glue mixture. You can buy wholesale glue , glue if necessary much. But it will be enough and one package.

3. The industrial style of Kara Paslay.

Designer Kara Paslay created a headboard made of corrugated sheet iron. Get the original and unusual.

4. The head of the books.

If you have a rich library, you can create your own book headboard. Very creative and functional. There is always something to read.

5. The head of a perforated tool panels.

 Paint Tool panels in any color of your bedroom. Get a stylish and practical.

6. Rural romance.

 The headboard is made from two old doors. This composition - great for lovers of rustic style.

7. Pillow by Enrico Cesana.

 Who would have thought that even a pillow suitable for bedside? Designer Enrico Cesana was able to realize this idea.

8. Twisted rope by Erin Michael. 

Try to choose a rope so that they contrast in color with the wall or with linen, and create a whimsical composition.

9. French notes. 

The original headboard antique French style, with gold paint.

10. Windows as a headboard. 

This bedroom is done in blue and brown tones, combining a modern style and retro elements.