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Amazing And Creative Photography Without Photoshop Or any Graphic Editors

You can be the simplest artist within the world, however generally so as to form the foremost triple-crown image is barely needed to be at the correct time within the right place and time to press the button. Before you pictures to make that don't use any graphic editors, solely attention and artistic read of the artist.

1. Children ride on a boat on a crystal clear lake in Sabah, Malaysia. 

2. Forest after the accident at the aluminum plant in Hungary, reveals a distinct trace amount of red sludge. 

3. The North Korean military and civilians in the Kim Il-sung Stadium. 

4. Half as revealed sunflower.

5. Mountain casts a giant shadow on the sky.

6. Bridge across the frozen river in Poland.

7. Harvest lavender in Provence, France.

8. The confluence of the Uruguay watercourse and its tributary, within the province of Misiones, Argentina. one in all them is cleared for agriculture, the opposite within the time of year becomes nearly red from the clay.

9. The ice in the woods, remaining after the flood.

10. The ship, carrying ships.

11. Pineapple field

12. The pipe within the kind of a crane in one in all the depository Ripley's Believe It Or Not depository.

13. The border between Ukraine and Poland.

14. The runway at the airport in St. Julian starts right at the beach. 

15. Scientists are studying the direction and intensity of the air flow using colored smoke. 

16. Kind of a million dollars.

17. Spider wove a web of sheet.

18. Mass check waterskiing in Australia. It was attended by 145 people, setting a world record.

19. Costa Concordia after lifting.

20. Rugby player Manu Tuylaki puts horns Prime Minister David Cameron.

21. Sheep jumping.

22. Master of Disguise.

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