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17 Brilliant Makeup ideas For A Perfect image

How to do makeup for a special legal holiday Eve? it's no secret, that it ought to be bright, inventive and exclusive. we've collected variety of concepts that may facilitate build Christmas good image. they're supported the newest trends and skilled recommendation. So, the way to be make-up, that isn't shamefaced to celebrate New Year?
Classic arrow

This year went back to fashion classic black arrows. Moreover, relevant not solely fine lines, designers ar suggested to show a lot of vivid and thick outlines. this may enhance the sweetness of the eyes and create the image a lot of mysterious. Well this eye makeup look with red lipstick and fits the classic and retro image.

Christmas fantasy

If you wish to amaze and surprise guests, you'll experiment with fantasy make-up. Of course, these choices area unit additional probably to be relevant to a loud party in an exceedingly club or at a masquerade. This make-up isn't necessary to regret sequins and iridescent reminder saturated colours. don't be redundant and ornamental crystals.

Eye With Design

Kissing Lips

Stylists suggest to pay special attention to the lips. Nyudovye lipsticks and glosses is lost sight of - they're not for brand spanking new Year's Eve. however the make-up artists in one voice area unit suggested to use bright red and berry lipsticks and lip cowl sequins.

Shining Lips

Yellow Lips

Stylish hairstyle

Hair Style with Flower

Hair Style with Face cut

Hair Style with Blue Eye

Spectacular manicure

Spectacular manicure 2

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