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Top 10 Things You Did Not Know About The World Famous Dogs

One of the advantages of Chihuahua is their compactness and the fact that they are incredibly cute look in clothes. But that's not all! These 10 things will tell you about the dogs of this breed much more.

1. You have to be careful with their heads.

At the head of the Chihuahua is the place where the bone and does not harden. Therefore, we must deal with them very carefully so as not to harm.

2. There are two types of Chihuahua.

They can be classified according to the shape of the muzzle. Some have a head like a deer, and his nose longer, while others head round, and a short nose.

3. It is better they do not cross the road.

Despite their size, these dogs can be very aggressive and tend to protect everything. To smooth this trait, the owners are trying to socialize them in the earliest possible age.

4. For the Chihuahua should thank Christopher Columbus. 

We all know that the birthplace of these dogs - Mexico. But still not found an answer to the question of how they got there. With this, perhaps, it was associated Columbus, as he once wrote a letter to the King of Spain, which focuses on the Chihuahua.

5. In the past they were more. 

Early versions of Chihuahua were significantly greater than those we are used to seeing today. But later they crossed with the little dog Chinese Crested breed, causing them to come out so tiny.

6. Chihuahua - the smallest dog in the world.

Record the smallest dog in the world belongs to the representative of the breed named Brandi, whose length from nose to tip of tail is 15.2 centimeters.

7. Their homeland - Mexico. 

Chihuahuas are descended Techichi who were also pocket dogs.

8. In 2014, a pack of Chihuahuas strike fear in the town in Arizona.

Small dogs get in packs and chased by local kids, bullied to large dogs gadili around and behaved badly. From the town residents received about 6000 complaints to the appropriate authorities before the problem was solved.

9. They are very clever.

In relation to body size Chihuahua largest brain among dogs. They are easily trained and in no time learn a new team.

10. Dog "Taco Bell" was very popular. 

Chihuahua named Gidzhet gained popularity due to the shooting in a few commercials, and the second part of the movie "Legally Blonde."

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