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How To Turn A House Into A Stunning Summer Garden

If it is correct to see the world, it turns out that he is an amazing garden. Applying this rule to the design of interiors, you can achieve amazing results. It's time to look out the window to admire the garden and carry him inside. Brick, slate, pebble can become original material for the floor, and wrought-iron gates and boxes give the interior a unique charm. We offer 10 ways surprising transformation at home in the summer garden.

Elements of greenhouses

The interior of the dining room of Casa Josephine

Lakey, live plants and rustic furniture create a home atmosphere like a greenhouse in the present with a mass of lush greenery and fragrant flowers.

Pots and urns in the interior

Garden atmosphere in the house

These elements will help bring a great diversity of textures in the interior of metal, concrete, clay, ceramic. Special emphasis may be placed on the big things.

Tools on the wall

Garden tools in the interior of the Blupath Design

At present owner has many tools needed to work in the garden. Some rich collection can be transferred in and hang on the wall. Especially original trellis will look even in the living room, it can be appropriate.

Outdoor Furniture

Bedroom interior by Sarah Davison Interior Design

Picnic table with magnificent bouquet of flowers, colorful cushions on the chairs will help to create an amazing atmosphere of the summer garden.

Garden architecture

The interior in the style of the garden

Feel free to be moved to the house and a few pieces of garden architecture.

The color scheme of the world's flora

The color scheme of the world's flora

Different shades of green, gray, perfect for contemporary style and the atmosphere will be created to soothe and relax.

Large plants

Large plants in interior

Elegant furniture, large tropical plants, a few birdcages - and get an amazing mix. So chic Parisian style met with tropical jungle.


Living room with photo wallpapers of The Interior Edge

The images on the wallpapers may be different. The main thing is to match the garden theme.

Fences and gates