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Samsung Launches Galaxy S3 Tab in India, With 6000 mAh Battery, These Special Features

Samsung launched its flagship Galaxy Tab S3 at an event in  IT city Bengaluru. The t is price of this tablet is Rs 47,990 and it will be available at market in Black and Silver colours. this is a new brand or product of samsung.The tablet will be available across retail stores starting today. Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab S3 during the Mobile world Congress (MWC) earlier this year.

A Cool Computer Case Created By A Russian Craftsman

Russian craftsman Alexei Butyrin Moscow has an unusual hobby, namely to adapt to make different from the old Soviet electronic parts. One of his most famous works is the creation of incredibly steep computer case,

with a large variety of toggle switches, switches and sensors. Here's a stock of spare parts involved in the process of creating computer case
A Cool Computer Case Created By A Russian Craftsman

Laptops Have Revolutionized The World of Laptops

Many of us use laptops for a long time considering them as commonplace as the telephone or television. The idea of ​​creating a portable small computer nominated Alan Kay, head of advanced research laboratory of the company Xerox. It happened in 1968. But the world's first laptop was released only in 1982. The car was created by NASA request. This was the start of the creation of portable computers.

1. GRiD Compass - the very first laptop designed for NASA. 
The shell was created by British designer Bill Moggridge. Memory size - 340Kb that was just tremendously for that time.

Creative,Gorgeous,best Starry Selfie

We serve selective,collective,best of world,and totally different stuff from other than. the end of this week we published: Creative,Gorgeous,best Starry Selfie article for the visitors.

London lensman Dan Rubin came up during a banal genre as "selfie" you'll be able to bring one thing new. those that have similarities in look with a celeb, he projected to carry within the face of the phone, on that the screen displayed a photograph of celebrity. He himself at that moment took an image of the passers-by.