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Nature Beauty: Scenery Photos of Unbelievable Magical Mountain

Best Photography Ideas

Work of the photographer, traveler and adventurer Maksa Riva (Max Rive)
from the first minutes impress with their unreal beauty, darting eyes unnaturally bright colors and shades. After a bird's-eye view the world seems completely different. No, not small and unobtrusive, and the vast, majestic and stunningly beautiful.

10 Amazingly Beautiful Landscape Photographs of National Parks in Brazil

Golden beaches, jungle, subtle coffee aroma, roaring waterfalls - all this is Brazil. In this country seek and fans of beach holidays, tours and fans, but the Brazilian cuisine and Brazilian women are those who have been in this wonderful country, say breathlessly. We collected landscape photography in Brazil, which will allow at least a few minutes of travel back to this wonderful country

1. Itatiaia (Parque Nacional do Itatiaia)

Lovely And Beautiful Birds of World

Birds are vertebrates, with a backbone and skeleton, although some of the bones are hollow to keep the bird light. Their forelimbs have the same bones as the human arm, but they are highly modified to form the structure for wings. Some of the bones in the wrist and fingers are fused together for extra strength.

Elusive African Animals In The Photographs Cameras

British photographer Will Burrard-Lucas (Will Burrard-Lucas) managed to get pictures of the most elusive animals on the territory of the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area in Namibia. To perform this difficult task he needed animals tracking camera and inexhaustible patience.
1. Porcupine runs past animal surveillance cameras.